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Our Process

At Crawford Financial Group, we pride ourselves on asking in depth questions and listening to our clients. We seek to determine what your financial challenges might be and find the solution for them. We follow a process with our clients designed to maintain open communication, offer education, create client- specific strategies, provide documentation for our recommendations and continually verify and monitor results.

The discovery process begins with an understanding of our client's beliefs, values and goals about money. Discovery will help us determine your predicaments, problems and challenges (PPCs) of your current financial position. It will also help us to correct or minimize these for you. Our role is to ask the right questions!

We take the information from the discovery process and put it into a format and model that simplifies the material and is easy to follow and comprehend.

Many of our beliefs about money are passed to us from multiple sources. Our role is to separate fact from opinion and educate our clients about money and how it works!

The financial world is filled with people and institutions stating that their product is superior tot heir competitors. There are no perfect products. Financial success is determined by developing strategies that focus on a process, not a product. Strategies need to be developed to handle both expected and unexpected events.

Opinions without documentation are only opinions, Verification of accuracy is required on all strategies proposed. "Trust but verify." -Ronald Reagan

Taking action is key component. The main reason most plans are never implemented is that they are long and complex, focusing only on statistics rather than concepts. Our role is to make sure the pan is easy to understand and implement.

Our world is moving and changing at an incredibly fast rate. We monitor our strategies on a regular basis to ensure changes are made if needed to keep pace with our changing lives.